I was so turned on by reading this again...I had to post for you too. Sharing is caring. Enjoy...

12:31 AM me: Why invite me to chat but yet say nothing?
 12:31 AM him: hi how are u I did not c u were there
  i like ur pics
12:33 AM me: How do I know who this is?
  Are you the guy with the big pink cock. The one that made my mouth water
12:33 AM him: did u get a tons of emails from ur ad
 me: Of course I did. But only one dick made me salivate...
12:34 AM him: good to hear that
  what is your fantasy
 me: It is a sick fantasy...
 him: tell me
12:35 AM him:let me be the judge
                                                                                                                                 TO CONTINUE...

12:36 AM me: ok...
As sick as this sounds I always secretly wanted to be raped by a good looking stranger. I'd want him to force me to go down on his big dick.He'd have to hold the back of my head and push it down my throat until I couldn't breathe. Then he'd turn me around and shove it up my ass because that is the real violation. He'd make me scream so loud, some of it out of pleasure because it hurts and feels good at the same time. And while he's pounding my ass he fingers my pussy...
12:37 AM him:i would love to be that guy for u
12:38 AM me: Are you into that?
him: yes
12:39 AM me: would you be violent?
  tell me how you would do it
12:40 AM him: ok
12:41 AM I would dress like a ups guy and knock at your door... pretending that I have a package for you... you would open
12:42 AM i would get in and close the door behind me and pull a fake gun that i have
12:43 AM than i would make u put both hands on your head and tie them down behind your back.. then i will tell you i am going to have my way with u today
  i would make u go down on your knees and take my cock out
  and shove it in your mouth
12:44 AM fucking ur mouth hard
  r u still there
  did i lose u
12:45 AM I would take my cock and pull ur head so that my cock can god down ur throat
12:46 AM i would tell bitch i am going to show u who is the boss today
  r u still there
 me: I can't finger fuck myself and type
  Yes I am here
12:47 AM me: But I don't like the gun part. Are you not big enough to over power me with your strength?
 him: i don't want u to cum till i tell u when
  yes I am big enough to over power u
  i would keep on fucking ur mouth
12:48 AM fast
  make u gag
  pull your hair
  make sure my cock goes as deep as it can down your throat
  u are out of breath
  i am fucking harder
  and faster
  and deeper
12:49 AM me: Mmmhhh
  keep going
 him:harder faster..deeper..
 me: when are you going to take it out of my mouth and shove it in my ass
him: take my cock out and shove it in... pulling ur hair... fucking harder faster
12:50 AM me: Oh god
him: soon i am in charge
  fuckiing ur mouth
  hard harder faster
12:51 AM me: I love a man in charge
12:51AM me: ok... 
him: fuckiing ur mouth
hard harder faster
  take my cock out and shove it again while pulling ur hair
12:52 AM make sure my cock goes all the way down your throat
 me: Is your dick rock hard?
him: u bet
 me: Or that semi hard shit that bends when it goes in?
him: rock hard
12:53 AM r u wet
  are u ready for ur cock bitch
 me: gushing wet
12:54 AM him: i take my cock out and lift u up
  take u to ur room
  rip off your clothes over ur body
  take off ur underwear
12:55 AM put u in a doggy style position
  spank ur ass
 me: with what? your hand or a paddle
him: my hand
  pulling ur hair
12:56 AM i am going to fuck the hell out of u bitch
  u are mine tonight
  spanking ur ass
 me: put it in my ass
him: pulling ur hair
  I am in charge I will when u least expect it
12:57 AM make sure ur butt cheeks are red
  pulling ur hair
  how do u feel
12:58 AM I take my cock and shove it in your ass...
  fucking ur ass
 me: Mmmm
 him: hard
  pulling ur hair
  taking my cock out and shoving it in your ass
  ur are screaming
12:59 AM me: YES!!
  take out of my ass then shove it in my mouth
 him: yes taking it out fo your ass and shove it in your mouth
  this is for being a bad bitch
  fucking ur mouth
  all the way down your throat
1:00 AM I take my cock out and shove it in your ass
 me: fist my pussy while your dick is in my mouth'
  fisting ur pussy
  pressing against your gspot
1:01 AM fingering ur pussy
  fucking ur ass hard
  pulling ur hair
  taking my cock out and shove it back in your ass
 me: Oh god FUCK ME
1:02 AM me: choke me
  choking u
  i don't want u to cum till i telll u when
  choking u
  fucking ur ass harder.. faster
1:03 AM how do u feel
 me: i feel like i want to come NOW
 me: my clit is throbbing in pain
him:no don't cum till i tell u to do so
 me: I can't hold it
him:  U CAN
  fucking u harder
  shoving it
  pulling ur hair
  fingering ur gspot
 me: yes
1:05 AM him: fingering ur gspot
  did u cum yet
 me: I am waiting for you to give me permission
him: fucking ur ass harder.. faster..deeper.. bitch I am making u pay for everything u hve done
1:06 AM me: what have I done?
him: when u can't hold anymore let me know
  i ask questions here.. .fucking u harder
  just for that
 me: oh my fucking god
 me: i needed that so badly
 me: i came so hard
 him: FAST
 me: so fucking hard
him: did u cum
1:08 AM ?
1:09 AM me: HELL YEAH
him: how was it
1:10 AM I pictured your pic while I came
him: really.. on a scale of 1 to 10.. what is great
 me: I am serious...this was my first cyber sex encounter.
  what a rush
  my key board is sticky..
1:11 AM him: lol
  how old are u
 me: Thanks for the descriptive story. I hate to use you and run, but I have to get up early. Email/chat me another time. I'd love to do this again.
  I am 26
1:12 AM Today I decided to release my inner slut
him: can i see a face pic....
 me: SO you caught me on a good day
him: then i would cum all over ur face... and leave
1:13 AM me: I want to remain anonymous, thats the sexy mysterious part.
  What is your name?
  what do you want me to call you rather?
him: call me A------
  what about u
1:14 AM me: Call me Mischief =)
  well thanks again andy...I hope we chat soon..
 him: that is not somebody name
  good u enjoyed it
me: my alias lol
  was that ur pic u sent me
1:15 AM at least
  this is my last question
1:16 AM me: That pic was real. That is me, just cut off the face so no one would recognize me
him: ok
  great u enjoyed it sleep wet
  i am sure ur clit is still pulsating
1:17 AM me: It is...but I can wait for next time.
  Night A--------
him: ok

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