So I have a semi-glam job in midtown west. I get to rub shoulders with various celebs, I deal mostly with talent. I wouldn't say it is my passion per say…but hey it pays the bills. My role is pretty stressful at times. And when I am stressed I like to cum and cum HARD. Sometimes at work I go to a bathroom stall, lean against the wall and lift up my skirt. In warm weather I always wear skirts and never any underwear, for easy access of course. ;-) I begin to finger myself in the stall and I get a rush when a colleague comes into the bathroom. It makes me want to finger myself harder. It is like a sick game that I play with myself…trying to make myself moan with one hand while holding my mouth with the other. I wonder if my co workers ever noticed or questioned why I always come out of the bathroom with a huge smile and sweat on my forehead. =) 

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    Mischief Hart

    A sexy naughty new york city gal looking for some fun ;-)

    I closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could manage, and let it slide in...


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