I used to have a friend with benefits. But unfortunately he caught feelings and messed up my fuck flow. Let me explain. So he and I have been friends for about 4 years. He has always mentioned comments about us getting together being a couple and such, but I paid him no mind. He is an average looking guy, fairly successful, no kids and a great body as he works out a LOT. But again I was never interested. He is socially awkward and just doesn't have that confidence factor I look for in a guy in order for me to seriously date him.  But one night the stars aligned for him and I decided to take it there. He was going through a pretty trying time and I thought it nice of me to comfort him with sex.  He is an ok fuck not really my style.  His dick was small enough to wrap my hand all the way around and it wasn't that long either. He liked to switch positions and all of this extra stuff as if he was performing for a circus audience. It was super annoying! I on the other hand like to savor each position and each movement. That makes it more enjoyable for me.  I come harder with my own fingers but sometimes it is nice to have a warm dick inside of me, plus I was comfortable fucking him raw since I knew him so well. Since that night we would fuck on a weekly basis for about 3 months. We still hung out at the bar with mutual friends and it seemed like this friends with benefits thing could actually work. Ha! Yea right, someone always catches feelings. And he did. One night we were at the bar and I saw this incredibly handsome guy at the bar. He was older than me (by 15 years) but he made me wet just by the look in his eyes. Oh GOD , he turns me on just by thinking of him. Unfortunately the handsome stranger happened to know my friend and he reluctantly introduced us. My friend watched as the guy and I exchanged numbers. I could tell my friend was furious. But I didn't give a damn. Over the next few weeks my friend called me constantly demanding to know if we fucked. I would hang up or decline his calls. He eventually got back into line. The stranger and I did fuck =)…and that is a CRAZY story I will write soon. That experience deserves its own post. But ladies if you are beautiful, have AMAZING head game that make guys run away and own a pussy that dudes will fight over….don’t fuck your friend! He eventually got back into line after ignoring him for a while. I guess he rather have a little of me, meaning my friendship, than nothing at all. But he will know better for the next friend. Do NOT catch feelings if you are a friend with benefits.  Lesson learned! 

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