Hello Handsome!

So I have always thought about doing extremely nasty dirty things. I mean...I started masturbating at the age of 8. Now let me make this very clear. I was NOT touched inappropriately as a child or had a life altering experience that made me want and crave and think about sex every minute of the day. I was just always aware of my sexuality. I enjoy pleasuring myself. More than being with an actual man. Because I don't have to go through the process of "No, not like that. Like this. Move your hand here...not there, HERE." It is annoying to say the least. I however know exactly where to press inside of her to make her gush with warm liquid. I know that sucking on my thumb and then flicking it over my nipples makes them instantaneously erect. I know that by putting my two middle fingers inside her and twirling the clock wise slow then counter clockwise fast drives me insane. I know that doing this while in a tub full of water makes the feeling even more intense. I have so many sexual fantasies a day that at times I am consumed with them. Every Monday I look forward to the weekend so that I can lay around and make myself cum and cum and cum. But I have a bit of a problem. You see, I always feel like I am doing something wrong. Because of this I never fully accept my inner slut. Now you are probably thinking what I said thus far is not really that slutty. And you are right. But give me a break, this is my first posting...I don't want to scare any of you away. ;-) I will say however, that I am soaking my panties right now just by typing this entry. Because I know where this website will lead me. It will lead me down a path of sexual liberation. Something that I have always craved for. All I ask is that you help lead the way...

    Mischief Hart

    A sexy naughty new york city gal looking for some fun ;-)

    I closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could manage, and let it slide in...


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