I was so turned on by reading this again...I had to post for you too. Sharing is caring. Enjoy...

12:31 AM me: Why invite me to chat but yet say nothing?
 12:31 AM him: hi how are u I did not c u were there
  i like ur pics
12:33 AM me: How do I know who this is?
  Are you the guy with the big pink cock. The one that made my mouth water
12:33 AM him: did u get a tons of emails from ur ad
 me: Of course I did. But only one dick made me salivate...
12:34 AM him: good to hear that
  what is your fantasy
 me: It is a sick fantasy...
 him: tell me
12:35 AM him:let me be the judge
                                                                                                                                 TO CONTINUE...

    Mischief Hart

    A sexy naughty new york city gal looking for some fun ;-)

    I closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could manage, and let it slide in...


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