I used to have a friend with benefits. But unfortunately he caught feelings and messed up my fuck flow. Let me explain. So he and I have been friends for about 4 years. He has always mentioned comments about us getting together being a couple and such, but I paid him no mind. He is an average looking guy, fairly successful, no kids and a great body as he works out a LOT. But again I was never interested. He is socially awkward and just doesn't have that confidence factor I look for in a guy in order for me to seriously date him.  But one night the stars aligned for him and I decided to take it there. He was going through a pretty trying time and I thought it nice of me to comfort him with sex.  He is an ok fuck not really my style.  His dick was small enough to wrap my hand all the way around and it wasn't that long either. He liked to switch positions and all of this extra stuff as if he was performing for a circus audience. It was super annoying! I on the other hand like to savor each position and each movement. That makes it more enjoyable for me.  I come harder with my own fingers but sometimes it is nice to have a warm dick inside of me, plus I was comfortable fucking him raw since I knew him so well. Since that night we would fuck on a weekly basis for about 3 months. We still hung out at the bar with mutual friends and it seemed like this friends with benefits thing could actually work. Ha! Yea right, someone always catches feelings. And he did. One night we were at the bar and I saw this incredibly handsome guy at the bar. He was older than me (by 15 years) but he made me wet just by the look in his eyes. Oh GOD , he turns me on just by thinking of him. Unfortunately the handsome stranger happened to know my friend and he reluctantly introduced us. My friend watched as the guy and I exchanged numbers. I could tell my friend was furious. But I didn't give a damn. Over the next few weeks my friend called me constantly demanding to know if we fucked. I would hang up or decline his calls. He eventually got back into line. The stranger and I did fuck =)…and that is a CRAZY story I will write soon. That experience deserves its own post. But ladies if you are beautiful, have AMAZING head game that make guys run away and own a pussy that dudes will fight over….don’t fuck your friend! He eventually got back into line after ignoring him for a while. I guess he rather have a little of me, meaning my friendship, than nothing at all. But he will know better for the next friend. Do NOT catch feelings if you are a friend with benefits.  Lesson learned! 

So I have a semi-glam job in midtown west. I get to rub shoulders with various celebs, I deal mostly with talent. I wouldn't say it is my passion per say…but hey it pays the bills. My role is pretty stressful at times. And when I am stressed I like to cum and cum HARD. Sometimes at work I go to a bathroom stall, lean against the wall and lift up my skirt. In warm weather I always wear skirts and never any underwear, for easy access of course. ;-) I begin to finger myself in the stall and I get a rush when a colleague comes into the bathroom. It makes me want to finger myself harder. It is like a sick game that I play with myself…trying to make myself moan with one hand while holding my mouth with the other. I wonder if my co workers ever noticed or questioned why I always come out of the bathroom with a huge smile and sweat on my forehead. =) 

I was so turned on by reading this again...I had to post for you too. Sharing is caring. Enjoy...

12:31 AM me: Why invite me to chat but yet say nothing?
 12:31 AM him: hi how are u I did not c u were there
  i like ur pics
12:33 AM me: How do I know who this is?
  Are you the guy with the big pink cock. The one that made my mouth water
12:33 AM him: did u get a tons of emails from ur ad
 me: Of course I did. But only one dick made me salivate...
12:34 AM him: good to hear that
  what is your fantasy
 me: It is a sick fantasy...
 him: tell me
12:35 AM him:let me be the judge
                                                                                                                                 TO CONTINUE...

Biggest Cock ever



I gasped, "Where do you think you're putting that?!" He cocked his head to the side and smiled slightly starring back at me with a smirk of triumph and he responded "where do you think, although it is still semi hard. Help me make it rock hard". I starred in disbelief while I sat on the edge of the bed biting my lower lip. He towered over me, intimidating me with his size. "You can't be serious. It is not even rock hard?!" I asked as panic began to set in as thoughts of my precious tight soft pussy was about to be pounded out by the monstrous arm disguised as his cock. I begin to frantically reason with myself in my head. Don't do it Hart, she (what I call my pussy) will be ruined. She will never be capable of feeling another penis again. She will be forever have to succumb to this size or over. Hmmm...that doesn't sound like a bad idea another voice in my head responded back. Realizing that I may be chickening out he reached for my hand and wrapped it around his girth. By instinct my sweaty hand tried clasp the entire dick but my fingers could not close around it. There were at least 2 good inches of space. His grin grew bigger when he saw the hesitation in my eyes. He asked, "can't handle it?" And with that I was upset, because I knew he was right. But my stubbornness nor my ego would not allow me pass on the challenge. I immediately tried to mask the worry for my poor pussy and grinned back and whispered huskily, "Oh on the contrary" as I rubbed the tip of his dick on my lips, using his pre cum as my sticky tangy lipstick. I begin to circle the head slowly at first with my tongue all the while I decided in my head how I would tackle such a large feat. I felt his body relax into me. I took his entire head into my mouth thinking that I had 2/3 already in. Boy was I wrong. I could barely fit the head in before my mouth felt full. At this moment I thanked the powers that be that i didn't have a gag reflex. Now it was time to fully commit at this point. There was absolutely no going back.  I used both hands to brace myself on both sides of his hips and I lowered to my knees. I opened my jaw as wide as I possibly could, I even hear my jaw slightly pop to accommodate the fullness. He gasped for air and I peaked up to see disbelief on his face, as if he had it set in his mind that I'd fail at the task. This gave me the motivation to take it even deeper. I could barely breathe but knowing that I was exceeding his expectations was enough for me. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his dick deep down into my throat, I concentrate on breathing and sucking at the same time. I hear his deep voice moaning his legs shuttering. I suck harder and faster moving my jaw in unison with is hands on the back of my head. I can feel his legs muscles beginning to tense up and I can tell through the pulses of the bulging veins in his penis that he is about to come. So I manage everything I had in me and go all the way to the base. It feels like his dick is in my chest, that is how deep it went. He glances down and is shocked that I got to the base, his entire manhood was in my mouth. Seeing this made him go crazy and he thrusted one last hard time into my throat and suddenly I felt hot oozing liquid seep down the back of my throat. There was so much cum it exploded around the sides of his dick.  He slowly pulled out of my mouth as I happily swallowed and sopped the last remnants of him with my tongue. I caught of glance of myself in the mirror and proudly smiled at myself. A job well done!

Hello Handsome!

So I have always thought about doing extremely nasty dirty things. I mean...I started masturbating at the age of 8. Now let me make this very clear. I was NOT touched inappropriately as a child or had a life altering experience that made me want and crave and think about sex every minute of the day. I was just always aware of my sexuality. I enjoy pleasuring myself. More than being with an actual man. Because I don't have to go through the process of "No, not like that. Like this. Move your hand here...not there, HERE." It is annoying to say the least. I however know exactly where to press inside of her to make her gush with warm liquid. I know that sucking on my thumb and then flicking it over my nipples makes them instantaneously erect. I know that by putting my two middle fingers inside her and twirling the clock wise slow then counter clockwise fast drives me insane. I know that doing this while in a tub full of water makes the feeling even more intense. I have so many sexual fantasies a day that at times I am consumed with them. Every Monday I look forward to the weekend so that I can lay around and make myself cum and cum and cum. But I have a bit of a problem. You see, I always feel like I am doing something wrong. Because of this I never fully accept my inner slut. Now you are probably thinking what I said thus far is not really that slutty. And you are right. But give me a break, this is my first posting...I don't want to scare any of you away. ;-) I will say however, that I am soaking my panties right now just by typing this entry. Because I know where this website will lead me. It will lead me down a path of sexual liberation. Something that I have always craved for. All I ask is that you help lead the way...

    Mischief Hart

    A sexy naughty new york city gal looking for some fun ;-)

    I closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could manage, and let it slide in...


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